healing comment

That was a most dreadful night, impossible to be with H.S. It felt like a blessing to come here this morning and read Katrina’s comment to yesterday’s post – this was so helpful:

“But after the acute bouts are over, there ARE periods between the pain, where i am able to choose differently.  At least it appears i am choosing differently because i am relieved of the pain, if even for another ‘time’ period i am creating.  And during one of these clear times, i realized i could be grateful for the BAD periods because they are the particular ‘forgiveness’ lessons i’ve chosen — along with the ‘inescapably trapped’ illusion — and the ‘i’m not at all in control’ illusion – and the ‘why can’t i get control’ illusion…  all wrapped up so special for me.  But that does not mean at all that i will or have to be grateful for them while i am inundated.
So, i’m not going to tell you that anything can fix feeling crazy.  You are just stating what you feel, and i am just going to watch it with you.  Later, i know you will breathe fresh air and i’ll watch that with you.


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