The Lovely Bones

This day feels like it has lasted for about 3 months. I just saw a film, the lovely Bones, about a 14-year old murdered girl and her life on “the other side” – and how we hang on to our loved ones when we lose them, for all kind of reasons. I loved the way the film demonstrated the nature of dreams, like Inception did – and when the film ended, I somehow have all of that integrated in my mind, it seems: all the talk about how we are carrying other souls with us, attached to us, because we for some reason cannot let them go ( like hating them for killing loved ones, or raping us or loved ones) – it felt like something was moving and shifting when I watched, and sometimes I found myself crying a very relieved crying, not knowing what for – just being aware that something was taking place on another unconscious level, and I did not have to do anything else that come for the ride and pay attention and not judge.

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