Milarepa and the demons

About including demons…I came to think about a story the great teacher Stephen Levine tells on his and his wife Ondrea’s CD-set called To Love and be Loved. Here is a summary of it:

The great Tibetan yogi, poet and saint Milarepa was beseeched by demons in his cave and invited them to tea! He cared for their suffering and wanted to help. Just by opening himself to them and honoring them as his teachers, the majority left. He bowed to the ones who remained, and sang them a sweet song of caring for their suffering – and four left, leaving only the hugest of them all. Milarepa put his head in the mouth of the beast: he wanted to know what it needed in order to be healed. And then there was only Light left.

Stephen and Ondrea has a new website,

Anyone who is looking for a demonstration from awakened souls, walking their talk, go there a have a look around.

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