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I love the imaginal and mythic realm.It is where my artistic expression comes from – my stories,my poems, my pictures, my dance, my play-acting, my music. It is where I have experienced myself as a vessel for God playing – and where I have found the safe place to connect with others, as a group participant or leader. When we follow «It» where It wants to go, and the ego is parked outside it – I am free. IT is free, and when we follow It, we are taken to always new places and new meetings.

It was Paolo Knill, our professor in the education of Expressive Arts Therapists, who taught us that “Images come forth and shin.e» – It is nothing that I «make» – they come to us, or rather through us, when we are ready to receive them and be faithful to them. To learn to dialogue with images – and ask them what they need, and what goes on outside their frames, and what that color is telling that other color – freedom. No analysis here – just opening to the immensity of the mythic/imaginal realm where art comes from.

Being an artist also opens us to the realm of archetypes and gods/goddesses. I recognize this dark energy-field visiting me in the early hours each day as an archetype belonging to abuse and violence. I have used my professional life to unveil it, and in  Little sister in hiding I am writing a bit about it.

One can communicate with archetypes. It is mine and my patients’ experience that they start to change, when they are met with non-judgment and curiosity, and given a space to be expressed creatively and playfully. And always, it give US the opportunity to choose how we will be with it – with Woe or Wisdom, ego or H.S.

It is a wonder to be aware these mornings and experience that my practice now bears fruits: talking gently to it, but not indulging it in any way. I discover again and again how my relating to it either includes it and allows it, or strengthens it by my belief that it is real and dangerous.

Blue tells me that what I think is my most joyous creating here is nothing compared to true creating in Heaven – and I have that to look forward to.

This morning I saw all the tensions, darkness, stiffness, intense pain, thyroid problems as a process that is blessed because it forces me to find That which can relate to it with Love. It is only identification with the victim-part that is hell – and I have these last nights experienced that it gets easier each day to move my identity from victim to Presence and Self. From this identification with being blessed, and including all that is here, all is gratefulness.

This day, I am including my last Crazywise Story: Going to the Sureyas.

The Crazywise came through a couple of years ago. I got the idea to just sketch a painting – I used pastels then – in about one minute, and then outlining figures that I saw after I was finished sketching. I then decided to let a story come through me from the image, and it had to be short. And of course:  no editing.

The stories who come are a gift to me. Seeing their patterns, and how they have evolved, is a great joy for me. Here is the latest one then.

Going to the Sureyas

Well it’s clear as a day, isn’t it? Zanzibar the Transformer is steadily trudging toward the Sureya-woods – the land of milk and honey and indescribable sweetness. He has all the time in the world, knowing time is just an illusion, like everything else. So here he goes, enjoying the soft wind against his bluish hide – and inside him, Fishy is feeling corny and weird; she doesn’t like where it’s going, it smells fishy, she hates fishy stuff…look! There is this white shining radiant thing in front of her…now, if that isn’t fishy, nothing is!

Zanzibar’s slowly walking rhythm lulls her to sleep, and she dreams that she sees herself standing in front of a huge iron gate. On it, a big sign: “Mene mene tekel! The world is coming to an end – repent, repent your evil ways!” And if this weren’t enough, this also sounds from two big black loudspeakers. Non-readers need to repent their evil ways, too: rain worms, elephants, squirrels, daisies, fireflies, the dragons in the mountains, dentists (no, they can read -)

Fishy is constantly pondering her evil ways, so she can repent them. Repenting feels good and not fishy. She thinks hardly of anything else. So she wants to repent specifically now: well – she steals a bit – but everybody does that, don’t they? She needs so much, and – and – how else would she get anything? Poor li’l her? Mm- that must be evil. She starts repenting again – and it is so exhausting. She’s doomed, and that’s it – everything is fishy. And that darn white shimmering Christ-thingy – it looks like a penis, she thinks – OH! Is she a man??!? She must be really weird – and evil…

Something inside her sighs. She touches the white figure, and her heart starts to pound – suddenly she is no longer inside Zanzibar; she has become the shiny radiant space he is traveling in – ( I know you think this is a bit fishy, but there it is, dear.)

Zanzibar notes that the little cold spot inside has disappeared. He sits himself down on the green moss. Before him lay some old rusty iron pieces. He sniffs them, and shakes his head good-naturedly: oh these old favorite fear-toys humans play with – what to do with them?

Nothing at all, dear. There they lie on the ground. Just don’t pick them up.

Ah. daisies


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