I have for a while known that I do need to get away from home from a while, to a rehab or a retreat. Have wanted to find a Monastery – and today I think I have found the place.
I went to my doctor today for a blood test – and also to ask him to apply for a rehab-stay for me. I also mentioned that what I really would love  to go to Assisi on retreat. He immediately says firmly and insistently that he really thinks I should go to Assisi. That is kinda strange thing to say for a doctor, so I noticed it :-)
In the evening, I googled “Retreat Assisi” and the first hit I got made me shiver. It was led by Bruce and Ruth Davies. Bruce has written a wonderful book: “The Heart of Healing” which I read in the 70-ies – and he had just got A Course in Miracles, and used it as a source of wisdom in his life. He posed questions, and opened the Course, and always found the answer. The book describes a deep spiritual journey with many teachers, and the Course is with him on that trip.
This book, which I have read so many times ( a true story about love and healing) made me think about buying the Course myself.
Some years after having written the book, I found a new book by him – “Monastery without walls” – and I adored that too.
Now he and his wife has this retreat-center just outside Assisi. This is where I will go.
And: his wife teaches a form of moving meditation/sacred movements – when I see the little video, I see how much it resembles how I work with movement and spirituality.
In my tired condition, I find the logistics of planning how to get there and everything needed to go, a bit overwhelming. Then I remembered a Catholic Hospice in town, The Fransiscus-help, a hospice which I have donated hospice-videos too, that my friends Stephen and Ondrea Levine gave to me many years ago. I found a beautiful connection with the catholic leader of the Hospice, and she told me that they go to Assisi once a year.
So I just mailed her and asked if she possibly could assist me in the logistics for the journey…
it really seems that this lies in my so-called future –
and I hope not so far from now –

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