saying no saying yes

It seems that my Atonement-process is about learning when to say yes, and include, and when to say no. This night I saw that it is not about what I am saying, but the space/identity I am saying it from.

Saying no to dark entities, for example, is making them real when the no comes from fear and ego: that makes them real for me. But I still remember the time when I had visited a friend who showed me a picture she had painted, which was filled with agony and  dread. When I came home, I heard a question in my mind – “do you want to say yes or no to this?” and from a clear a loving space I said “NO” – and this no was only a recognition that I am not this – it is not real. It was a no with a smile.  This decision brought me into one of my greatest light-experiences.

There are also those times when I have been “visited” by the grossest absence of love possible – and Something inside has opened Its heart and whispered YES. And I am Home Home Home, and I know I never left – until I forget again. This YES also comes from knowing that what I see is not real.

And, at last – this quote from Ken’s answer to question 522:

there is only the ego or the Holy Spirit, and the ego rests on nothingness. Finally, since the ego is ultimately only a belief, it will go away when we no longer value that belief. There is no need to fight against it or try to banish it. Simply look at it with Jesus and smile gently; it has no existence other than our belief in it.

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