only a little wall of dust

“You have reached the end of an ancient journey, not realizing yet that it is over. You are still worn and tired, and the desert’s dust still seems to cloud your eyes and keep you sightless. Yet He Whom you welcomed has come to you, and would welcome you. He has waited long to give you this. Receive it now of Him, for He would have you know Him. Only a little wall of dust still stands between you and your brother. Blow on it lightly and with happy laughter, and it will fall away. And walk into the garden love has prepared for both of you.”

the saviour archetype

This softening-thing…I think it sums it all up for me. Like Jamie Romkey said in one of his classes: “Don’t change anything, just add a little gentleness.” Stephen Levine says the same thing little differently: “Resisting anything intensifies it. You don’t try to get rid of it, you let it be there in softness.”

My yoga-tea bag today says the same: “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

I was having a Focusing-session today, and wanted to bring this softening into that session. It was very useful: I sensed a huge field of overwhelm, and instead of listening to all the voices of agony, needing something, I  choose to just BE with it all. As I sat with it, and softened around those places of dark pain and tensions in the body, I sensed something old and collective. After some preliminary images I found the connection: this was a memory of a multitude of people on the floor of a volcano in Ecuador. I was there several years ago, doing sacred dances with people all over the world. I felt awful the whole time there, and now I know why: I picked up this imprint.

The essence in it is guilt – and the belief that they have disappointed God and deserved to be punished. “They” are being told this by their priests. Here is a strong belief in a God who punishes.

Seeing this connection starts to change the tensions and agony in my body now, reflecting the old memory in the mind.

Now part of my mind feels superior and special: “I” am healing this. What a responsibility”…I recognize that part: the savior archetype that I still see as valuable. She certainly keeps me separated. Oh I am so willing to look at this differently.

This can not be healed from the level it is “created.” But what I can do is see what is in my mind – that all these souls have mirrored for me – and forgive it, and offer this belief yet one more time to th H.S.  I  say to “them”all:

“Give me your blessing, Holy Son of God – I would perceive you with the eyes of Christ and see my perfect sinlessness in you – AMEN”


Please note that nothing written here is intended as medical advice. Readers who think that they need help with a physical or psychological condition are advised to seek a qualified opinion.

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