a million years of suffering …( giggles)

Spotted a part of the split mind today, and not only smiled but burst into laughter by it. It manifested as tensions and big pains in the neck, and told me it had so much anger inside, since before the earth was made, and was afraid to have those thoughts because it would be punished and go to hell and all that – and millions of years of suffering was obviously not enough…

a burst of intense giggling started inside. Tears flowed down my cheeks -oh my what a freakin god that must be to not have enough suffering in a million years!!! it would not stop laughing and the sufferer listened, aghast first,but then it dawned on it that the laugherer was not stricken dead, so maybe – just m a y b e  – this image of God could be wrong: could there be another way?

a sweet red color rose in my chest and spread to the heart area. There a bird  is nesting now. The former sufferer is sitting, watching, and is being told that feeling hatred and anger is no biggie, just look at it with Jesus .

He is slowly melting now. The laugherer is seen as a huge angel with pondus, ah this must be Shenrezig, one of the great Buddhas.

He tells me my poem yesterday is very Buddhist and giggles some more – his big soft bully is rumbling


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