French installation visited

Going on the bus today, I said inside: “you are as God created you -light and love and peace abide in you” to the driver and passengers, and my heart turned so soft, so motherly. The driver started to talk to me after a few minutes – just small talk, but he wanted a connection, and that felt as a
confirmation of what I had just seen in him.
And from there my day went up. My doctor whom I love very much looked pained, and when I asked if he was in pain, he said his back was stiff and painful and he was restricted in moving. I got an impulse to do EFT with him, and he said yes(he really IS a special doctor :-)) and in one minute the pain and stiffness was gone.  He acted like a little boy, so happy! I then gave him a little clay-crazy-wise figure I had made – he looked at it and said: “it is GOOD. I must place it somewhere where it can look out for me.”
In the morning, I had a very intriguing and interesting dream – brilliantly clear and distinct in its visual and kinesthetic aspects. I was inside a H U G E complex- what a great metaphor – and it had to do with the French. The complex turned out to be a huge piece of art, an installation with hundreds of rooms, walking through them you could choose to interact with the various persons in the rooms (thought most of them seem to be asleep.) Every person was impeccably made up – but a little too refined, you know – a little TOO much makeup…
Audrey Hepburn was there, impeccable in her costume from the film “Breakfast at Tiffany”…and there were two nuns, also heavy made up, like in a theater-play – and they wore a mixture of nun-habits and folk-costumes. Very interesting mixture, seen from an old costume-designer’s view.
Very few people were awake – and the way they were placed in beds was so delicate, like they were placed in an exquisite painting/installation.Not a detail is left to coincidence. It is interesting, fascinating, decadent and intriguing – food for ego. None are real.
This is SO a script – a French script :-) – and esthetically I am thrilled and enjoy it – I know everything is made up and fake, but it is brilliantly done. It is an installation for alienation: nobody is “at home” within themselves. Glamor.
It feels great to have no judgments at all in this fake-instillation-world, and enjoying the “show.” I still give this value, I see. Interesting. How fun it must have been to design this work – overdo each detail exactly as much as this.

I miss my old stage-design work right now.

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