old enemies become friends

Dream this morning: ( The blog is really living up to its title, “Dreams and Awakening”)

I am in a big forest with some friends, looking for mushrooms. It is in Sweden. I find some huge blueberries and eat some – the feeling is like finding treasures. Suddenly we are at the border to China – and the border patrols are extremely strict and a bit menacing. They have opened my old red rucksack, and inside they find the middle of a huge flower – it looks like a sunflower, but could also be a lotus. It is still fresh, not dried. One of the guards thinks that this might conceal contraband, and smashes his hand inside itfor some reason I am not upset, I know I have more of these -.

I feel an awesome love for the guards. It does not matter at all that they seem strict, I know their hearts, it feels like they are  my old friends, just pretending to be guards and protecting a border. – One of the guards, who speak fluently American, shows me some wooden toys he has made for his child – and it is a holy moment, where enemies become friends – or rather, re-discover that they always were. I am included in his culture. It is an exquisite feeling of peace, joy and happiness.

Now our group wants to sing for the guards. I want to sing Christmas songs, but the rest of my group does not agree.

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