the garnet-maiden

I dreamt that I was on my way to the Academy of Art, on ski…and suddenly I got the thought that under the snow may lie a person  buried…so I prodded a bit with the ski-pole, and yes, there was a person – when the snow had been removed, I saw a beautiful maiden laying there, seemingly OK – and her hair! she had thousands of thin braids – and in the braids there were thousand of little garnets, brownish red, and sparkling

she told me her sister had put her under the snow

then she stood on top of a mound,heap of snow – and the braids with garnets covered the whole heap – it was such a beautiful sight

The symbolic meaning of Garnet:

Activates a willingness to serve others while remaining true to oneself. Assists one in being committed to ones self as well as to others and to the causes that one respects and holds dear.
Physical: Activates the second chakra and increases the creative energy. Equalizes sexual energy, repairs damage to DNA and enhances the body in assimilation of iodine, calcium, magnesium and vitamin A and E.
Emotional: Helps to integrate experiences and assist one in self- discovery. Provides a protective influence, a connection to other dimensions. Helps one to recognize flashes of insight and apply them in the appropriate place in one’s life.
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