a million-part of 1% yes is enough


I just received a mail from the Sedona method, which I have used before as a help for letting go (= accepting) everything that comes up – for me, an excellent way to stop resisting, and even welcome the resistance – then it usually disappears. Some time ago though, I got the (ego) idea to unsubscribe from the Sedona Community – gotta be a loyal Course-student, said the ego ( which means: do O N L Y the Course, and do it zealously.

What a blessing: surprised  I opened the mail from the Sedona community, telling me that they missed me, and invited me back to read what other persons wrote when they felt stuck – and I opened a 1-minute video by Hale Dwoskin,  reminding me that if I felt completely stuck, not being able to say yes to that – could I say yes to 1 % of the stuckness?

I tried that, and it said NO inside. I felt a little giggle and said to myself “could I be able to let go of the stuckness 1000-part of 1%?  ” yes” said something inside, and that yes, my friends, just started a relief that still goes on, 15 minutes later. Even my skin feels different. And it was not the one thousand part of 1% that did it – it was my simple choice for yes, my willingness to accept and not judge my state of mind just one tiny tiny bit – and that YES opened the forgiveness-door wide open.

This made me see how zealously my ego has worked to be an Acim student. I feel its fear of choosing whatever that is not called Acim – and how intellectual based that thought is.  Now, the Sedona-method takes me to the exact place I find myself when I forgive. And right now I remind myself that even Ken said it would be foolish not to mix two methods when they brought peace:

“In the end, however, if one’s spiritual path is enhanced by both the Kabbalah (Sedona) and A Course in Miracles, then who is to say that that is a mistake? “By their fruits you shall know them” remains the only criterion that matters. If the combined practice of these two spiritualities leads to a life of peace and love, then one would be a fool not to pursue it.”

The ego’s plan must have been to drive me so stuck into “the right way into the Acim study” that I would give it up – while now, I will just accept this ego one millionth part – and the release and accept is felt just as much as if I would have accepted it completely: the main thing is my YES – not how big this yes is. Yes is Yes, and He does the rest, as I am feeling right now.

And I give thanks for the electronic system not accepting my un-subscribing the Sedona. Again and again I am shown how fully I can trust the process.

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