loving – being blessed

I am seeing a pattern in my dreams the last 14 days: I am visiting different cultures, observing the rituals and art – they all feel very real, just as real as I feel now, typing this with MY fingers…

I have started going down on the medication slowly, and the night was filled with the old anxiety again – this time I dealt with it the Sedona way – allowing it to be as it is, and afterwards, checking if I could let it go/not judging it – and it went! whoa! I also used some time with feeling resistance, and allowing  myself to have it – that dissolved much of it.

Then I had a marvelous dream. I was some where in Norway with my daughter, then age 17 I think – there was a kind of farm with people with Maori-blood. The energy around them was pure, vigorous, sacred, honest,deeply honoring the old ways of  Maori-adoration of nature as divine.The feeling of One-ness in the group is total. I am looking at a group of the young vibrant Maori men. They are weaving branches together in a sacred ritual of movements: slinging the branches in a controlled way up in the air, and the branches sort of click into each other in the correct pattern – a pattern that is sacred. It looks like sort of elegant small canoe – but it turns out to be a bow, I think. The weaving pattern is age-old and houses a special energy – and it is beauty beauty beauty and perfection, just like watching God create.

Later in the dream, I look at the bow again – and now, a young and healthy doe is weaved into the branches. It is warm and alive.

I am completely happy in this community. My two cats are participating in the culture. They know exactly what to do 🙂

It seems that my daughter has been with the community for a long time. She is now dancing a circle-dance, demonstrating it. I enter the circle and follow the instructions. It is very easy for me – this dancing is in my blood, I can just relax and allow the dance to dance me. My body enjoys it tremendously, and feels invigorated and young. The vibrations reverberate in my body.

The food is delicious and healthy and honors its source. Everything done in this culture honors the Source and Oneness: there is no hierarchy – all knowledge comes from the divine within.


While writing the last sentence, I look at a pink spot on a blue gray dark sky. I go out o n the veranda, and see a huge crowd of birds. The flow in a wonderful pattern in a circle between the trees – again and again – then they move in front of my eyes, and much closer – I am looking at something sacred, shivers are going up my spine – I feel a tremendous love for the birds and their dance – and in one second the now tight cloud of birds disperse – just like  New Year’s firework – tears are flowing and I say thank you – and then they’re gone

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