I am not a victim of the world I see

Today I am happy (hi Anne :-))

My bud Myron Jones has a daily journaling through the  acimlessons –


and the other day she wrote something that truly has helped me big time. Myron was tired, and wrote ” I know I am not a victim of the world I see”, whereas she choose to think with the H.S. and lost her tiredness. Yes. I hooked on to that – I have had, since I started with the last pill, a nasty tired -hangover-feeling in the mornings, and it has been so tempting to stay in bed – and then when I get up at last, I have – no ego has – scolded me for sleeping my life away. So I used Myron’s formula this morning – and boy did it work! Lots of physiological changes – deep deep yawns, tears flowing, big release. Ahh! Thanks, Myronissima!

Got up, did my morning yoga – it was really cold in the room – so I did the Myron-thin g again, declared that I wanted to perceive the room as the H.S.would – and the temperature changed to pleasant. Yay!!! Then I got the idea to repeat what I did yesterday – this is a way of using movements and words to heal. It came to me years ago. It’s like this: I define a space on the floor – and decide that when i come into that space, I will allow a movement to come to represent a posture that symbolizes something in  my mind that calls for forgiveness and transformation. I then enter that space, without any idea of what will happen – so ego is absent. I then decide that I’ll allow the body to “dance” its way from the first pose to transformation. I decide how many stages that will take – today: 3.

My face is part of the body – I notice that different expressions appear on the face when I do this.

Today the psychic content and posture was an old sourpuss, filled with contempt, like old people sometimes grow into. It was wonderful – as always – to allow the posture to s-l-o-w-l-y- develop from that first stage into the third. I was watching the face – and suddenly, without my noticing how it happened, there was this tremendous joy present – and it lasted and lasted – and I got the idea to do this as my daily practice.

I grabbed my journal, made a quick sketch from essence of the “dance”, and found words from it – and made a short poem from the words.

The inner artist is completely satisfied now – at least  she is in place again.

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  1. anne h.
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 16:08:33

    How Nina! You are busy today!
    Glad to see you are doing well!


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