good choice

After the last night’s dream s and headache, I was curious about this  one. I was determined to practice as soon as the symptoms were there of beginning  electric activity. I repeated and repeated (and believed it) that I was not a victim of the world I see, and neither of my brain or nervous system, and that I decided to connect with the H.S. Repeated it and repeated it – and then, this wonderful calm and “healthy” sensation rolled through me. It felt like a spring-cleaning. I repeated it quite some times, until I was sure I dared go to sleep, and the feeling of having lost all signs of “navigation” was not visiting. I caught myself thanking Jesus profusely, and was very clearly told that it was my choice that made the difference.

How wonderful it is to share it here! The insight that I am sharing it with you is also like a spring-cleaning – I am yawning and tears are rolling – not crying, just release.

I think I am on the path toward the insight that these scary thoughts are not dangerous or bothersome at all – just meaningless – as they have their source in ego, which is meaningless.

That is such a wonderful thought.

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