Saw an American group of performers called Wakka Wakka – they did a show called Baby Universe. The players who manipulated the puppets – the decision makers 🙂 – were wearing gray costumes and masks looking like gas masks – this was the time that Stephen Hawking was describing, the last years before we all would die – and so the  humans in the play made new universes. very strange and funny – and I really enjoyed seeing how the puppeteers made the puppets play – and how the puppets played like they were autonomous. And in this way of playing, the puppeteers were visible all the time, manipulating the puppets heads and mouths and hands. Wonderful symbols to invite into my night dreams: we really think we are talking and moving and deciding, but the puppeteers are really doing that.

Oh how I love puppet theater. The exploding Sun was played by an actor on stilts inside the 3 meter high puppet – and there were other puppets who were only 10 centimeters. I have difficulties finding words today – I feel very “childish”, about 8 years or so – great difficulties sleeping – reptile brain going into freeze as soon as I lay down. I am seeing this night if I can with the help of Jesus and my right choice somehow change this – if not, new medication tomorrow.

Oh yes it seems to me that I am this screwed up puppet, commanded by my brain. Wrong. Above all I want to see.

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