It’s for real

This morning, I listened to a music-program from Sweden, where people can call in and wish for music to be played on radio. A woman called in and told a story about her son, then 4 years old, who when listening to the wonderful late Swedish tenor Jussi Björling singing “Tonerna”,  ( The notes, the tones) burst out, “Mama, turn it off – it’s for real!”

And when she had turned it off, he told her to never play that again.

She then added: And now he’s grown up – and he’s standing behind me, telling me to wish for “Tonerna” again!

Listening to it now, tears are gushing and I sweat: it is  for real, and the longing inside me is tremendous

And since he sings with all of his great heart, and helps us all open ours in remembering Where we came from, here he is again, in Shakespeare’s /Schubert’s” An Silvia.” Just at the end of the phrase – where his voice is being sung by angels – that’s where my tears starts flowing, as if a button is turned on and veils are drawn away.

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