this is from the comment of Kathleen, to “A new rhythm”:

I am so weary of my own story. The spinning thoughts and redundant “discoveries”. It is all such a load of crap flowing through my mind on any given day. None of it means anything and nobody cares if it did. I just wish it would all stop. I wish my mind would just stop. Sweet silence. Sweet nothing.

Just this morning, I had phone-sharing with a friend with the Sedona-method. When I was releasing -that is,  being asked questions if I could welcome the thoughts/images/memories that was there relating to a theme I was looking at  – and then being asked if I also could notice any attachment or aversion to it – and then asked if I could notice any feeling of me and mine about it all – this happened:

Suddenly I saw, crystal clear, that I could welcome all of it – both feelings and the resistance to themand I saw also that the identity to the story – and being sooo tired of itreally made me cling to it. I was aware of my Self as That Who  embraced all of that I saw that the story was not real and still, I noticed this part that would not let go of believing it was this body. And swoop – there I was again, “inside” the body, stories and all. I “saw” the little girl-part with the story, wanting to be loved “WITH” it – it was “hers”. Could I let her go?


I’ll go read more of the wonderful book, “When Fear Falls away” by Jan Frazier. I get more and more of the feeling she describes as free – as being  in the happy dream, and knowing it, knowing also that we  choose every minute our experiences. I am being reminded that I, too, deeply know how this is, since this is Who I am. I think reading her book these days made it so easy to fall into that state of right mind in my Sedona-session.

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