serious error – njae

A week ago, I had a Skype-session with a friend. As soon as I clicked on her name on Skype, the PC went light blue, and a big sign came up: SERIOUS ERROR.

There was a lot of text warnings, I started sweating, and I took it as a sign that there was a big error in the mind of the person I was Skyping with…(meaning that I had projected this big error on to her.)

So, Skype and PC was out, and I had to call her. At last I succeeded in reaching her, after ten minutes struggle.

In that session, she behaved erratically and chaotic, and  she went past the time we had agreed on for each person – which meant that I got less time than her( which turned out to be perfect: I just finished my session, feeling great!)

I now see that that sign – “serious error” – might be a sign that “both of us” have that fear of believing the TMI is real and serious – and project it on each other.

I have started blessing us both instead – and forgiving us both for still believing that ego is real.

I am still enjoying tremendously “When Fear Falls Away” by Jan Frazier, and know for sure that I want that non-ego-life that she has – and it is such a blessing to have a clear and vivid expression of how that is.

Pure joy – and no special me any longer.

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  1. Kathleen Campbell
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 00:07:02

    Nina, I am starting to see my brother as He truly is and it makes me cry. This is happening at work at least once a day. I look upon this face and see me looking back. It makes me cry because I love what I see. This has never happened before. As a body who has hated itself all her life, this new perception is startling to say the least. I now completely understand why Jesus tells us our salvation lies within our brothers. All of them. All the time.
    His course is pure genius and His love limitless.
    Finding the blue book in this lifetime is a gift. Understanding it is a Miracle.
    I am happy today.


    • littlesister
      Feb 27, 2011 @ 13:59:21

      Kath, I am remembering some of the first things my beloved professor in my education as Expressive Arts Therapist said to me: I SEE YOU AND I LOVE WHAT I SEE
      I did not think about the Course at all, but his words went right through me, and I trusted he spoke the truth
      and the important thing was that I really KNEW that he saw me –
      Kathleen, I see you
      and I love what I see


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