In the post  “Vampire and angel” I included a dream – where I was told that two characters needed to be included in the story. I thought it was my brother and me – meaning that I could forgive us both for what we never did in reality…but today, I got another idea of two “gestalts”, or psychological mechanisms, which needs my forgiveness – which means, I think,  that I acknowledge that I have both in my mind, and easily project them in others and irritate my butt off by seeing them in others.

I have both experienced both parts in myself – clearly played out in others – and now I truly own them.

The one is expecting certain stuff from another in a pressed situation. I experienced today how that felt when another did it to me – the rage was just enormous.- I felt imprisoned by the other’s pressure and expectation that I said all the correct things to her, otherwise I was guilty of her feeling scared and lost. I then recognized when I have felt exactly that irritation toward another friend, when she did not say “the right things” in a certain situation in the Sedona method.

Oh what a relief. This is just the two sides of a coin – fear and control/ expectations – and both must be included, not pushed away or judged . Just looking silently when they are there, the next time – and hopefully smile –

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