I will there be Light

Strangely, I am one day ahead of the course-lessons..I have been doing lesson 73 today. What a wonderful experience it has been for me! The two last days, the ego is presenting a lot of thoughts – and I am not taking them personally. I sense how valuable The 5th Way -method has been, and is for me (Sedona method.) In short – you ask yourself is there is a sense of “me” and “mine” in the stuff you are exploring – and yes, there is – you are then asked to see that this sense of me is just an experience in awareness, too – with a special feeling attached to it – and you are asked, “if all this disappeared, would you still exist?” And of course, yes –

in the Presence of LoveSo these days, I am aware that all that I am experiencing is the result of  my attachment to “MY” story – and I have been willing to let go of that.

So today, sitting with God, joining my will with His, I could hear all the distractions the ego brought up – and sensed that if I just let it be there – included it – it melted. The inclusion was of the sensations in the body – there was no judging the voices at all. The atmosphere became so clear – so transparent –

I then got the impulse to turn on the radio. Some of my most beloved music was playing: Schumann’s Kinderszehnen. I include a little of it here –

photo credit: http://aksinya.wordpress.com/about/

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