attaching to stories

How strange to be in  this body. Intense tensions and pains last night, not possible to sleep before 7am. In between, big releases – suddenly “dark energy” just oozed out, accompanied by suggestion from a gentle inner voice. There was a switch between “I cannot stand this, I go mad” and next moment, “thank you for this” when I understood that what I felt was not personal.

At one time, just lying there and discovering how much I was attached to my stories – especially many reincarnations in the past as priestess and seer and such – it all came out to one question: If all these stories go, and the “me”-too – would you still exist?

I would – and I would not be able to feel calm about this, had I not read Jan Fraziers book “When fear falls away.” I am so certain now that losing the belief in ego is loosing nothing, and getting everything that is beautiful and loving.

The tons of snow around here is slowly melting today, and the sun is shining. I am going out into it

blessing to you all

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