Black Swan and Acim as cartoon

I just saw it – about someone called Nina projecting like crazy her dark side on others – I loved the film, and forgave all I saw that I have made. After the tumultuous night, described in last post, it did a big impression to see the same theme illustrated on the screen: the dark sorcerer possessing the white swan, and bringing her under his power. I see that someone who denies her dark nature of course must be prey to it – it’s just that “she” has given it all the power it has, by denying it inside.

I also liked how the film showed how the process of saying yes to darkness started: by stealing a lipstick – a symbol of the other stars’  glamor.

But I want to talk a bout “The Universe is a Dream” by Alexander Marchand. It is a book who is drawn by Alex – and Acim as cartoon is awesome, funny and wise. Alex starts to demonstrate how the book we read is dreamt up by ourselves – just as the Universe is. I love his use of drawn symbols: sin, guilt and fear come in the form of apples( logical, isn’t it?)

I love how Alex draws the body: since it is the hero of the dream, it is headless and wears a big wavy hero-cape. Completely ridiculous and wonderful image of the body – suddenly I start to see people as headless and I find myself giggle a lot -( until I meet my not-face in the mirror…)

I enjoy so many of his ideas  – how he use metaphors for films, for example – there is a cute place where Helen tells a patient, “I already  know why you are here. You think you are separated from God”. It is great fun to spot all the film-examples, so I won’t give it away—well, there the one with Julie Andrews sitting on the bed you know singing about your favorite illusory things…

and so Alex was OK with me sharing this – and here’s a link to his website:

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