fighting with teeth

Had a visit yesterday which I seemed to enjoy, but which seems to have mixed up a lot of rage. I had a dream where I fought with my former Expressive Arts-teacher (ah, could be an ego-symbol) – and we both used our teeth to bite through the other’s bones ( I still remember the force in my jaw, and the thought: “I am going to crush you so you cannot crush me!” ) Around us stood a multitude who moaned each time a bone was crushed – “Oh no, how CAN they…”
Reading my dream now, I recognize ego fighting ego to be stronger and mightier than, because feeling/being crushed is unspeakable awful.The thought behind the dream would be “I am under attack and must defend myself” – and boy do I forgive that thought. The thought itself is silly – but  I see how I INSTANTLY believe it.
Now forgiven.

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