the Right King

I had this dream right after I talked the former post into the recorder.

There is a film-production going on – I am witness to it. It is not really a written scenario – it is a process being played out, and they are filming it while it happens. It will in fact take a whole earthly life to document this: how to find the True King.

There is a girl in the production, she is a bit too timid for her own good, and one of the two directors tells her sharply, “shut up, you!” As an observer i judge the director for being sharp, but Bernard is there, and explaining very lovingly to me that this timidity has to stop – or rather, she has to find a way to speak with authority, and not seeing herself as a victim. Bernard is demonstrating how the girl would marry a false king if she held onto her timidity as identity – now the process would turn in the right direction, where the True King is waiting.

Thanks, B. You have convinced me.

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