Dancing creation

Dream: I am on the way home, and I know I am in a dream, it feels completely wonderful, and I am enjoying the dreaming.

Later in the day, I have a young woman in session – I know there is something about her and music that is essential to explore in the session – something wonderful that shall be given a space to come forth. I feel tremendous gratitude for being in the position I am to assist her in surrendering to This Which wants to come through her.

I show her how to dedicate a sacred space on the floor to That Which wants to come, and asks her if she wants to allow it to come. She has no doubts about it. I start playing a favorite piece of music that she has brought, it is string music by Edgar Elgar, his Serenade for strings, second movement, and oh it has such heart! You can listen to it here.

She is asked to allow her arms to start to move, and just follow it where it wants to go, and I witness something  that looks like a goddess directing an orchestra – but it is not an orchestra, it is the Son of God creating. I “see” this tremendous sweetness and heartfelt gentleness in her movement, and at the same time, a strength and clarity that is awesome – and I see Clara receiving it, and being deeply moved and lifted while doing it.

The energy in the room is filled with adoration of the Sacred.

Afterwards, all the chaos that she arrived with has abated. I realize how much energy and resistance it takes to hold this kind of “art” back.

How beautiful it is to witness play in its truest form: just allowing it, and no control.

I know, this may not be Acim – but this is my blog, exploring a spiritual process, and this kind of work, helping forth the expression of soul as an impulse from Love is what I love the most to “do.” It’s like initiating people into the Mysteries – in a very playful way – and the dangers of the old ways are thankfully missing.

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