I am free – riding my horse

Through the night – it has repeated itself for some nights now – there is a repeating kind voice, saying “Maybe I don’t need to feel like that any longer ( afraid, tense, angry, tired) – maybe I could just relax and receive Love – maybe I could just remember this is a dream – maybe not taking it so seriously any longer…

1.dream: I observe/am a young Indian woman, retreating backwards in a train-compartment, and my father is chasing me. I/she is firmly saying: “I am free. I am free!”  She comes to a compartment, and she is given space by the others who sit there. The father could not overpower her Spirit.

2.dream: I am dancing through the main street of our capital with a friend. We end up with a little pond, and there a statues of two magnificent horses there. My friend climbs the one statue – and I notice that the horse to my right quick as lightning involuntarily turns his head and notices that his neighbor-horse has moved. Instantly, the other horse recognized that he has been caught – he is not really a statue, and can not fake it any longer.

Now I mount the second horse – and suddenly we are high up up up! I realize that riding downwards with him might break my neck and kill me, but I will ride him anyway. We are soaring down, and I feel completely alive and present.

Now my horse is exhausted, and lays down. I feed him oats from a wreath of oats that lies there – my horse gratefully eats, and as he eats, he turns into a very tired child who at last can rest safely.

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