black clouds and blue skies

I was sharing by phone with my sharing-buddy Kate today. She was in a silent radiant space where there was only Now. She could be aware that there were thoughts like “why can’t I be like this always”- and that when believed in, other dark thoughts followed immediately, when the first thought was seen as real and important – in short, believed in.

I talked about the self-hatred the last days – how the thoughts seemed like black clouds seemingly covering all of the sky. They make themselves very important, said Kate,like they are saying “it is this which is the world!” But I remember how easy it was to just  put out a finger and push the phantasms away.


And really – it is just a little thought – puffing itself up like the monsters I described – and inside all this puffed-up-ness there is only a little fear – and I can be kind to that, just look at it with Blue.

I am wrong when I think it is important to hold on to this as “me”

I am wrong when I give it reality

I am wrong when I believe this has any power in itself to take Peace away from me.

Just this little puffed-up creature with an ominous costume.

Nothing real about it at all

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