the crystal which speaks truth

For long periods through the last painful night, I felt my desire to never be without Love, to have everything and feel everything WITH Love.It felt like I had not understood what separation was before – that feeling lonely and forlorn and scared was the same as believing separation had happened and was real. I slowly felt my will waking up, and the agony abated somewhat.

Then I dreamt that I was at an enormous New Age-like Convention (:-)), and told a friend that I had just had a dream where I saw two wondrous beings, a man and a woman – and they wore nothing else than a bearskin and a wolf-skin. They exuded health and joy. Some of my earlier teachers are there – and a man who is a buyer of costly objects and gives them to others who need them. One of these objects is a big crystal-like object. It is set with rubies, emeralds, amethysts, silver, pearls and gold – and it has a midsection where there is something that looks like letters. They move and change as I look at them, and I understand that these are writings direct from Love Itself: this is Truth expressing itself. Somehow this is an Egyptian object, I am told.

(you have to visualize the colors!)

My heart opens in great longing to have these words of Truth available always – and the exquisite Joy of being close to this beauty.

The man who has bought this object is named Hans – which means “His” in English. He leaves for a while, and I borrow it, and sit with it while It is writing Truth on all facets of the crystal. Hans comes back, and I tell him I borrowed it, and what happened with the truth-writing. He tells me that I can have it! It is mine! It is a crystal that belonged to his Master, and it can only belong to those who truly love it. I wonder if I am worthy of such a gift, and we all witness the crystal move by itself toward me, as if I was a magnet for it. It feels a bit like when your beloved child comes running to you, and you feel the love between you, and the great joy.

I am then in a new room, where I view my earlier teacher in Kabbalah – a man of great strength and joy do a practical joke on a friend: the friend is catching a ball, and is overturning a big basket of wheat-kernels. They are dried, and are making a delicious sound.

Now I am in a very filled up bus/train, where a lot of joyous and happy people are going to visit a young couple in love. The atmosphere is brimming with joy and laughter – it feels like Heaven.

Waking up, filled with joy and Love. The body is painful and heavy, and I allow Love to gently shine through whatever needs it.

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