de-stoned and de-raged

In the morning, thinking I should get up now, I fall asleep and  lots of people are gathering around my bed, telling me to get up. With eyes closed I sense that a big fluffy cat is thrown into my bed and curls up at my legs, and a person talks about me sleeping too much, and get up now!

And so I open my eyes and realize that even my dream-figures wants me to wake up.


To my last poem-post of children becoming stone, my friend Anne points out:

Relax my dear – you are dreaming!

How would an Army act in dreams?

What is valuable IS you!

It has the effect of the Zenmaster’s stick on my sleeping head: stay awake!

And I am out of the stone: just a dream.

Later in the day:

I read through Bernard’s excellent notes from “The Joy of Learning”-workshop with Ken Wapnick, and mark the sentences I want to save in my little Acim-notes-book. Rage. I note the rage and smile. I mark more notes, the rage escalates. I become angry at the rage, notice that. Mark more notes.
I cut out the notes and will glue them in – all but one has disappeared. “I have only got one measly note!!!”rages ego. I return to the notes and repeat the process of marking the notes that I really need to hear. This time I am noticing even more clearly HOW angry the ego is – how whipped it feel of “having to copy these notes to survive” – and still I mark the notes.
Will glue them in – and still only one note is there.
I return to the notes for the third time, all the blue markings are there, and I am laughing all the way from my notebook to Kens notes. You really gottabekidding me! I click cut out for the third time and lovingly glue them in – and all notes are there.

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