could you notice the Love in your head

I just had a Skype-sharing with a friend. There was a strong headache, and it became stronger – it felt like it was a big fear there, a big resistance.  The Internet connection  was broken – and I sat there, believing that the pain in the head was a fear that I “needed” to let go of. I just sat with it with Blue. After ten minutes the connection was back on my side again, the pain had gone down, and my partner mis-spoke( and what a wonderful mis-speaking that was:) “Can you notice the Love in your head?”

The moment he said that, I felt a rush of freed energy: the “pain” was nothing else than my resistance to Love.  The Love was always there.When asked if I felt I needed to let that resistance go, the answer was yes and a lot of giggles – and when that thought was allowed, the resistance started to abate.

It was a powerful and simple demonstration how painful it is to resist What I am , and how including the resistance without judging it took much power out of it.

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