including the ego

I just ended a Sedona-sharing with a guy in the States – and we found again and again how wonderful it was to just include the ego-voices/impulses – cause the loving Space that included them was so vast and loving, and we didn’t really have to do anything else than witness it. Some ego parts became images for me – I saw old stubborn child-parts that I have never allowed ( or they have not been allowed in my family) – but now, it was room for it all, and it had nothing to do with reality at all – but it felt really freeing to just sit there and allowing, seeing that it was not serious at all – nothing of it – and also noticing what the consequences were when we reacted in any way to those images/feelings: ouch! But if we included the resistance too, it all kinda melted –
this is very easy to do in a partnership – I would love to remember how effective this forgiveness-process is when i am seemingly on my own, too

I just visited David Hoffmeister’s site. Found a way of wording in the forgiveness-process that helped me see things clearly. How wonderful it feels when those clearing aha’s come – understanding something that until now felt closed.

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