being with it

For two days now, impossible to sleep and rest – and I seem to live within a huge field of unrest, chaos/thoughts – all from the wrong mind. I had a big resistance to doing release-work on Skype with my friend Dan – and I projected all kind of dark states on him, but also being aware that this might be only my projections.

But – we met up in time, and as I presented the state on mind as being swallowed up by small mind-chaos, being caught within it, (in this moment Dan comes online 🙂 I was invited to be with the resistance as it presented itself – and it was pure bliss.Agony was automatically judging the resistance and therefore identifying with it – now a huge vortex of feelings rose before my eyes. Control was missing: it was just energy, feelings, belonging to no-one – and it was not serious. It became a big deal in the second i called it mine – so it was simpler to let it go.

The state of mind I am in now, after one hour of sharing, is crystal clear awareness.

Going for a walk outside in the summer light night – it’s so very quiet outside too.

Blessings to all

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