Razzledazzleworks is the word for illusion in my language. It describes so lovely the aspects of the mirage, and the attraction the illusions have: we love them.

Now the dazzle is starting to become more transparent for me. I now and then take allergy-pills to be able to sleep – and the drug/hang-over effect until a week ago was pretty heavy. This day, I awoke with such a hung-over-head, but the effect evaporated pretty fast when I reminded myself that I was not a brain and a head and that this was not something I needed. Then I gave my meridians a little boost by working with them, and felt almost as new. It’s like knowing that the illusionary I am doing this – and at the same time smiling at myself, knowing I will awake when I choose to.

David Hoffmeister in his book “Healing in mind” reminds us that nothing can  hurt us when Holy Spirit has revealed the dream as unreal. So it helps me these days to know I am in a dream – and so choosing “unreal” remedies like energy-therapy is not a sin, and I will surely let go of it when I have placed all my trust in my own True Identity.

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