bombs and frenzy

After yet another night of crazy tensions, I prayed to have a dream that would show me what was beneath them. I was seeing a frenzied cat going amok among huge chinks of raw meat = bodies.

Listening inward to Blue, I was hearing that the frenzy came from many memories in this life (and others) – where I have been in situations with frenzy, and identified myself with that experience and terror.

A dream is a dream. I am dreaming this dream. I want to turn off the projector and look with Jesus as what has always been inside the mind.

As I turn inward and ask to align myself with Love, I am reminded how many times I  have experienced unity and Oneness – and how I have known that my experience is truth. It is clear for me in this moment that BOTH frenzy AND Love can not be true. Frenzy belongs to the dream, and from my choice to believe that it was possible to separate from Love. I question that belief, and RIGHT NOW I choose Peace. If these frenzied acts were real – then God is not real.

I am not responsible for what happened after the decision to believe in the TMI. I am  responsible for choosing to accept the solution to this – the miracle.

In Oslo, 5 hours ago, a terrorist attack was launched in the Government area. The Prime Minister and the Government is safe. The city is bombed, a looks like it. My daughter called with thin voice to ask if I was alive.

The same man who had placed the bomb – an ethnic Norwegian with Christian fundamentalist view –  then drew to a youth summer camp, dressed as a policemen, told the children he was there to save them – and then he shot 84 of them.

Both frenzy and Love can not be true. Thank You Holy Spirit for working in me to help me see all of this differently.

Right now I am sitting under the Bodhi Tree with the Buddha and looking at Mara’s very convincing razzledazzleworks. I am grateful that we are there together.

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