extending love

Another great joy these days after the massacre: I have thought how much EFT could be of great help to all of those with traumas now – and known that i could not offer it, as I am not a licensed EFT-practitioner. But a friend is, and I mailed and asked if she had had the thought to offer free EFT workshops to those in need. She mailed me 3 minutes ago saying she had the same idea! and some of her daughter’s friend are touched by this, so that is a great place to start.
My heart fills with tremendous joy at the thought that EFT’s method in itself takes us out of the ego and swoop into the right mind – and in my view, the thoughts that come from the right mind while tapping on the meridian points are the main healers – and the eureka: “wow -this comes from my mind!”
More and more I see how the Norwegian heart has expanded: there are so many more givers to other places of need now, like to the hungering children in Somalia. Another great joy.

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