lesson accomplished

Yesterday, the signal from the second main broadcasting station was disturbed big time. The disturbances happened each evening during a favorite series, “In Treatment” with Gabriel Byrne. I wondered if this could mirror a signal in my mind that came from a corrupted place – like ego 🙂 – so I called the TV company and reported the error, and a HUGE man came at my door to see if the error was at my receptor/TV.

As soon as I saw him, all warning signals flared up. He had a body-builder body – his head was bald and polished (really) and he had a wriggly sparse beard that looks like the Black Metal people has ( or Satanists.) He grunted, did not say hello, did not take his enormous shoes off, and I went into a little-girl-about-to-be-killed-mode. He asked technical questions which I had not idea how answer, and he grunted in a menacing way ( I thought.)

He told me he would do some more checking in my area and left.

I started to forgive my perceptions and asked to see him as Love would. I was aware that I was dreaming this guy and all my judgments about his appearance.

Next day I spotted him in a car outside my house. I went out, he saw that I was coming, and turned away to look at a screen inside his car. I said hello – no reaction. I was sure he did it on purpose to ignore little idiotic woman me. Then he turned around, came into my house and disconnected my DVD-TV-connection, and told me to wait until next day.

The disturbances same night was as bad as always, so it was clearly not any fault with my receiver-part. ( I hope you don’t miss the lovely symbols!)

Next morning – today – I called him and told him that. He told me he had found the error in the sending-signals – from the central TV-company. Which obviously is a transmitter of stories and images and movies . Exactly.

His voice was kind and P O L I T E  and friendly. It felt like a turnaround of 180. I asked him to come and re -attach the cords, and he said he was at the other part of the town and told me it was easy and I could do it. He was patient and told me what to do. I told him I would try. I re-attached the cords, it was very simple. A huge joy was inside. I called him up and told him I had done it and I was so proud of myself!!! He answered “Yes, isn’t it GREAT  to master new things??”

When I heard his joy and love and warmth, i thought, “It is ME talking to me.” His way of responding was the way I often respond to patients or children when they have gone through a block and mastered something – I feel so much joy and enthusiasm. The thing is, that that tone of voice was completely new from him – but I knew that his way of being, and the stories I had made up about his appearance, were just my old screwed perception.  I LOVED him. “You have been so good!!” he told me, as a father to a child, and we parted in an atmosphere of sweetness and love.

Never believe your perceptions,Nina. Doubt them – and see the wonders that happen. Ask to see the Holy Son of God, and there he is – in his phenomenal disguise.

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  1. Pam
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 21:13:05

    Way Cool ! HUGS


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