the laughter that is always here

Remember the author Knausgård, sitting on his roof in Sweden the day after the massacre in Norway? Hearing the child’s happy laughter, and not being able to see where the child was, he thought: ” we cannot see it – it is here anyway – it is this That is Home”

I have the last 14 days had really painful and strong ongoing cramps in the body. Day and night. The night, something feeling like evil entities filled the body, and I saw the connection between the cramps and this. I had the belief that I will forever be struggling with this theme – or stories – and that they will follow me into death, where my soul will be overtaken by it. It has been there as long as I can remember – and for many lives, I am sure.

Doom and gloom: the ego’s favorite musical.

So, in the morning I was having a Sedona-sharing with Mary. When I called her on Skype, she just started to laugh. And laugh. It was catching! Soon we both were laughing, none of us knowing why. She said she started to laugh the moment I said hi – which made me realize that this was a gift from Blue and the miracle. The laughter is there TOO – at the same time as the story.

And why is “It” laughing?

It knows that the stories are part of the dream.

But it is the laughter That is Home


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