breaking the pattern

Just received a video from Sedona and Hale Dwoskin about breaking a pattern. Since I haven’t been successful until now  breaking /letting go of the main pattern in my life, I will write down Hale’s questions for releasing, and try it out in the night.

1)Could you welcome the pattern/the story ( as best you can)

2)Could you welcome the urge to get rid of it /fix it/doing something with it

3) Could you welcome any sense that it is personal – that it is your story –

4)COULD you let it go/set it free( it is not a demand – just could you – no is a valid answer


5) Notice what is beyond the pattern ( see how acimish this is?)

6) Are there times when the pattern is not there? look for them. Dwell there.

7) Repeat if needed

One could also shift between the pattern and That which is beyond the pattern



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