lesson 260: let me remember God created me

I am still seemingly struggling at the same place of feeling possessed,threatened and deprived of healthy sleep. As soon as I have had a great realization – a day goes by, and seemingly I am back to zero.  Still, I will go on posting my journey. One day the shift must come.

This is taken from rev.Myron Jones’s daily blog through the lessons. I love the metaphors of the snapshots: I can use that!

The formatting is mine. Thanks again, Myron. You are such a wonderful teacher for me.

“Holy Spirit: Precious one, think not that you must undo your creation. You need only want your memory restored. Nor is it necessary for you to look at each error one at a time and choose again. Your many errors are simply symbols of the one error. Their value lies in showing you what you want to give up and why you want to give it up, so you need only look at the many until you realize you want to give up the one.
Do not look on your errors with guilt or with fear for this gives them a solidity and seriousness they do not deserve. Rather imagine that they are just snapshots of the same thing but taken from different angles and at different times. Look at them to decide if they please you still, and if not, simply discard them as you would an out of focus picture from your album
. You have a million different shots of the same thing; why would you choose to keep what does not please? Do you feel guilty when you take a picture of something then lose interest in it? Or do you simply toss that picture away?
     With this daily practice you will soon realize that none of these pictures reflect you truly, and you will simply set them all aside as one. What will be left is the one vision of Christ, Son of God, as He was created by the Father. Those many moments of judgment are the natural effect of separation thinking, but thinking does not make it so. It simply makes it seem so. You have done nothing and when you are tired of doing nothing you will stop.

     Precious child, you have merely allowed yourself to focus on the story. Turn your attention to your purpose. Let your mind dwell in that holy place. As you watch your thoughts remember why you watch them, rather than getting lost in the story.”


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