Tree of life

Saw The Tree of Life yesterday. Mustavebeen the beautifullest film I ever saw. I wanted to freeze each image. Thank God for DVD’s.
That Hunter Mac Cracken…Oscar deserving.
Last night, I was awake and cocooned in the right mind. Everything was OK just the way it was, peace streaming through each little detail. I think I was in the same no-space that Winnie may be disappeared into. I was laying and observing my hand-movements – they moved in the same delicate way as the leading lady, Jessica Chastain. With each moment she created Beauty and life….ah, the way she touched other people – complete Presence.
And the way young Jack showed 5 emotions layered – never saw anything like it. How extraordinary illuminating it is to truly SEE the emotional being of people and not judge anything, just feeling gratitude.

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