decision to let go

This night, I found myself in a clear minded space where I calmly could look at the ego thought-system and not attaching a me to it. I saw the whole attacker/victim pattern, and how I, when having made a choice for ego, had willingly attached to the victim-role, in order to avoid the role of the attacker. There was a tremendous clarity around me that I believe was the decision-maker, just realizing “I did this, and it does not serve me any more.” I found a new way to let go: I saw the story as an image at a word-page, and clicked the delete-button. It felt delicious to answer YES to the question, “Do you really want to do this?” and see the page go blank.

There were no emotional fuss about anything: just this delicious awareness that I was not the content of awareness AT ALL, and it was so not serious.

After having looked with H.S. for quite a while, I drifted into a very peaceful state of mind. Twice within this mindset, I experienced a  strong shock through the nervous system – it felt like the consequence of my release-decision earlier.

I am so grateful that I don’t need to know what it was.

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