errors: just laugh

I am speaking lovingly to the pain my subconscious who makes the pain in the neck as a way to avoid fear. Ego tells me that I shall not speak kindly to ego, that makes it real (!) Blue’s voice is all tenderness: “There is no ego – there’s a belief in an ego. You are speaking to a part of your mind who identifies with this neck-pain, who believes she has to be scared to be safe.”

At these words,the pain in the neck immediately moves down to the butt: its second favorite home. I include it in Love.

Dream: There is an old sad man. I am trying to reach his heart, and show him my recent creation: I wonderful little doll, as big as my hand. Now she dances  –  all by herself – and I know that the beauty I see in her, is the beauty in my mind that I endow her with. It belongs t me.

In the next stage, I am where I live now – but everybody else is Pakistani or Indian. There is a big sense and radiation of trust from the multitude.It feels more natural than the usual Christian trusting God. I feel so free with these people.

The need a place to sleep, and trust me to find it for them. I lead them to an old abandoned house, and they settle in there 🙂


I hear from Blue in the night that errors are not wrong or sinful. Don’t believe in them.

Today I have a remote-digital assistance on a word-document. The more errors we find, the more there comes. At first I think it is serious, then I remember and start to laugh. My skillful repairman tells me that there is a fault that produces these “errors” and that they mean nothing at all.

We therefore ignore the errors – and it turns out that there were none.

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