loving the “me”

Did not sleep all night before the Skype-Sedona- session today. I gave the session to Love, and when it was my time, I saw a frantic controller,, and something in me helped me ask myself if I could allow Love to embrace all that insane fear that leads to that control? I could say yes to that, and just sat with it. Sadness came up – as always, under fear – and the image of a terrified child that needs to cling, and never has been allowed to ( gotta judge those childish needs and be a maaan!)

Allowing the “child”  – letting “it” cling for as long as it takes.And – there is a feeling of “me.” I notice I love that feeling of “me”. No judgments of the “me” now – it should not go, it is not wrong, it is just included in the Love that I am. Oh how good it feels to be able to sit as Love and embrace me. Not the other way around LOL!

Now I notice…that in a timeless moment the attachment to  the whole story just went. Incredibly beautiful feeling!

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