Stalker revisited

This is my root belief, revisited now in the night: the belief in a stalker – and that there are stalkers in reality – I happily bring that to Love. I do the visualization I started yesterday – I take the false-mind-thought in my arms and walk the golden bridge to the land of Light and reality.

I just couldn’t do it.

I see that the fear has its origin in the first fear – that God is out to get me, because I sinned – so I have to be on the lookout all the time, so he does not find me. This is a ludicrous thought – that it would be possible to hide from God – but there it is, taken seriously.

I see the strange thing that I somehow find value in keeping this fear.

“Why would I want to keep it, Blue?”

“Because it is your fear.”

I lie in an ocean of sweet silence, smiling at the insanity in this – my need to keep the me going here, the insanity at believing that fear makes me me.

Sweet Jesus, I want to be wrong about this.

This sly fear. It has built into its system that I have to hold on to it:  if I do not watch out for stalkers, they will take me by surprise. Only if I am fully set up for alarm am I safe. It is mine now, and I cherish it as my protection against insanity and hell. I am doomed without it.

The release and joy I experience now is exquisite: these thoughts are no longer believed in, they belong to ego.

The insanity and hell the ego fears is Love.

From within this peace, the view is clear: this is nothing else than a little error. I see the sea of Love that this little error swims in, and the Son of God remembers to laugh.

I am noticing this old pain in the neck – and the neck is only a thought too. It is all an innocent error – and see what happens the second I take it seriously: the world arises.

I feel myself ascending through depths of murky waters, before seen as beloved landscapes, because it was “mine.”

Giving up this fear is not fearful at all: it is giving up nothing.

Dear Blue – Love that I am. I still seem to be a body in a world. The ache in my butt proves it, right?

Ah, but the belief that it is reality is slipping.

Maybe I simply don’t find it as interesting any longer.

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