becoming angry or being creative?

Ten days since last post. Big birthday in between: the 22. I was 67 years old, and was celebrated by my daughter with beau. I took photos with feathers in my hair ( in a very flattering light) for my new Ministry: I am now appointed Minister for doing silly things for their own reason, in the state of Ladonia. More about that in later post!

Now to today’s Skyping with Kit. I got her consent to write the story she told me:

Her little son at 4 loves Kiwis – but they absolute have to be cut in the most usual way – right across. Kit cut it in a way that made it oblong – and Mike protested vehemently. Kit thought: “Should I get angry or should I be creative?” She chose to be creative – and started to tell a story of a mother who cut kiwis in the wrong way and the little Moomric who got so angry. She said, “He listened intensely” – and that as they both listened to the story, the difficult feelings were resolved. He could recognize his own feelings, and realize that his mother acknowledged them.

There were no judgments of feelings or behavior at all – and they both felt better. As she told the story, it was easy to understand why the joy of eating kiwi consisted of many things – one of them the pattern in the Kiwi when parted in that direction.

That is such a great example of how we, as persons, identify our world: me and mine, right and wrong, happy or unhappy. And how such a story can be met with creativity – read: Love – instead of attaching bad manners and judgment to a child’s anger.

It also occurred to me that the choice between anger or creativity is the same as the choice between fear and Love – and for me, as an artist, it is much less of an (sometimes) impossible demand than changing from fear to love.

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  1. Mona Gustafson Affinito
    Oct 26, 2011 @ 23:03:20

    Creativity! What a great choice …


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