False thoughts released

It is not about getting rid of  “negative” thoughts: it is about me simply noticing that I have them. Kind little nudge: “Oh, there I go again.” How wonderful to remember that it is not me who has to know how to “get rid of” them: that’s the Holy Spirit’s job. Noticing also that I have visited this place so often – and now showing the thought to Holy Spirit: “See – they still come,”

H.S asks me what may lie below that doubt – and I know it well: it is my doubt in God’s help. Or rather, my own ability to allow His help. Yes. I own that doubt, and see clearly that no Love can come through to me as long as  I insist of being a somebody with this thought: “this is so typically for me.

“There I go again,” I say, and mean it when I say that I am willing to have His correction instead.

“Every thought that is believed in, becomes real for you. One thought of the ego-thought system believed in, opens the door to its world – the world of separation. I cannot come in there, because it is a world made on the denial of our union. And there you will experience the consequences of your choice.

But, my Love, all that is needed is to recognize you don’t want it any longer. The “here I go again” is a door –opener to our connection, and your willingness to let go.”

I am vigilant for each and every thought. A sudden bright light appears and goes. I sensed the terror when it appeared:  a part of me is terrified.

Dream after this – so rich with Course-metaphors:

I am with theater-friends in the huge house of one of them – a really wealthy friend. We are treated with food that is outstanding, creative and new to me. We are sitting in huge soft embracing chairs, chatting, laughing. So cozy!

Next scene, the others have left, and I am left with a PC which shows images that are strange and hypnotizing. I am in a trance, the whole room has taken over the images and becomes the movie – and suddenly the projector shows its true source:  it spews out ectoplasm and other weird stuff, and I instantly turn it off and follow the others.

They are going to a puppet-theater-performance. I follow them, it is very dark, but I follow inner guidance and find my way in the dark landscape. I walk up a steep hill in pitch dark, open a door – and there we all are, right in front of the stage!

The puppeteers are on the stage together with the puppets J (Thank you for this dream!) I feel sad that I am not any longer the one who designs the puppet and costume the actors…the old set and costume-designer- me is missing her beloved work.

It dissipates quickly. I wake up, feeling I do everything wrong…this dream is all wrong ( oh was I mistaken in this) and I offer this thought up to H.S, recognizing how impossible it is to believe in this thought AND God. I am as God created me, and I choose Love.

It feels like a loving hand draws out of my body the heavy murky thought stuff, before believed in. I yawn and yawn. Each time a new false thought comes, I feel the same resistance: “It will not work” – I see how afraid I am of being “tricked” by God. In spite of that fear, I let go of the false thoughts.

Blue says: “See, you just make a false connection: Your experience is that first there is Love – and then it seems to be fear and doubt and confusion: you told yourself that God did that, because you had sinned – but the shift from love to fear seemed to happen just because you choose to believe in the false thought. Reminder: It is not serious – just an error – and you have now repeatedly been vigilant for false thoughts and given them up –  and you HAVE experienced Me taking them.”

This has been such a humongous temptation for me: to believe in the thought “it is hopeless, I am powerless to change this.”

It just has been proved to me that I am blissfully wrong.

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