the soft mist of allowing

The mist outside my window is softly erasing all forms.


I have just ended a Skype-Sedona releasing session with Mary. I started to release on my instantaneous attaching to hellish fear of being attacked when I saw that I had received a mail from someone whom I had asked a favor. It is the old story of insanity, and “me” attaching to it.

Could I just allow the story to be here without attaching to it? – I could  –

Could I also notice the Love that is here? -I could –

Could I allow myself not to be controlled by the mind?  – I could –

Mary asks, “so what is here now?”

There is looking out of the window seeing a car driving  s l o w l y …I could walk faster than that car…suddenly realizing that I am seeing my dream symbolized outside my window: the car, a metaphor of the vehicle i think is me – my body-me – realizing this metaphor, I sense an unfathomable sweetness spreading in my mind and body -and outside, there is mist slowly enveloping the landscape in sweet patience – I am aware that I/mind is dreaming this, and I am the dreamer –

I see clearly that any reaction I have to any comment I get from anybody, has nothing to do with me – it has to do with my choice for perception –

the softness of the mist dissolving forms is the softness of Love dissolving  “me” – I am watching the outside mirror of my inward perception –

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