Game of Transformation

I found the Game of Transformation at the same time I discovered The Course in Miracles in the bookstore – it was in the  late 70’es I think. Both were “must have’s.” The Game originated in the Findhorn Community in Scotland.

One year later,  William Schaffer, a teacher and friend from Findhorn, came to  Norway and offered to play the Game with  a friend and me . We did that over two weekends, and then he certified us. That is almost 40 years ago, and I have played the Game hundreds of times since then – with patients, clients, friends – and on my own.

Yesterday I played it with Tonya. She sent a postcard some time ago and told me she had thought of me the last ten years and wanted to come to a session of some sort – and now she was ready 🙂 She wanted a regression, but I saw that I could serve her better with the Game, and she said yes when I started to describe it.

The postcard had the famous motive painted by Michelangelo from the Sistine Chapel: God’s Hand transferring His Love and Power to Adam – or with the Course: the symbol of us as One created in His Image.

As soon as I saw the card, I was on fire: this would be a meeting that would bring healing to us both on very deep levels.

The Course is a board-game. You traverse a repeating path where you meet “setbacks” and “insights”, Miracles,  and Transformations. We are given opportunities to bless  and appreciate ourselves and each other- and when we do, we are given “awareness” in the form of little colored cards – with  spiritual qualities on them: “beauty” – “strength” – “play”  and hundreds more. We fill up “scorecards” with this awareness: red for the physical level, orange for the emotional, yellow for the mental and violet for the spiritual.

The insight-cards describe truthful statements about the Son of God. When you get one of those, you have the opportunity to find out when this statement latest was true about you.  Example:”You offer forgiveness for another as for yourself.” When did you last do that?

The setback-cards tell us when and how we are holding on to false ideas about ourselves – to give us the possibility to let that go and choose again.

And yes, there is a ” dark night of the soul – square” to land on, too. It gives us opportunity to explore how it feels to be there – and which thoughts keep us there, and what will bring us out.

A dice plays the role of The Holy Spirit. Yes, a dice. It dictates which square to land on. It does stuff that makes you realize you are being played with  by something Greater – and this Something Greater has such a sense of humor! It may for instance make one of us CONSTANTLY draw the same card:  ” One Service.”  And help her realize that she always does this – but never for her self. Another strangely comes to the miracle square three times after each other. Suddenly she is made aware that she can be more aware of the miracles daily happening in her life. H.S. leads the game with wonderful playful synchronicities. The one he did with Tonya and me was to lead us to put ALL the group-insights-card in our “unconscious-envelopes.”

The unconscious-envelope is in the start filled with setback cards, insight cards and angel-cards – symbolizing the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that we carry and that we need to see and forgive to move on with our lives. We roll the dice to tell us how many of each set of cards to put in the envelop, and we pick them out without looking at them. Randomly it seems – but no.During the Game they are made conscious, and we are either stuck in “pain” or moving forward.

Now back to the group-insight: what a marvelous symbol that we are playing this Game as the One Son of God. There are 8 of them among hundreds – they were all there in our unconscious-envelopes, now being made conscious.

After the third group-insight we got it and started to laugh.And laugh and laugh. We could not stop. A beautiful release started to pour through us. Tonya’s guardian Angel was “Release” – and the beauty in her face when she realized that we are played with by our Self was stunning.

We both had as an intention for the Game to  help us look at patterns in our relationships with family and friends  – AND also help to loosen stuck and painful tensions and holdings in the body.  She came with strong tensions and holding around her heart.The night before we played I was held by a tremendous invisible grip in the neck: it felt completely physical and real. When we drew a card for our strongest defense-pattern right now,  I drew ” insane tensions.” She drew ” I don’t care.”

These  last defense-cards I made for the Game. Devil-cards – as William named them – well, ego-cards are a great name too.

As we played, the tensions abated. We both howled when a new group-insight – or group-setback – were released from our unconscious.  There was only One of us there.

In the start of a Game, we set an intention of what we want help to look upon and heal. At the end of the Game, this had for both of us happened, without having worked at it directly. There were many occasions where I was led to suggest that Tonya could just look at the seeming problem and surrender it to Jesus. Each time she stopped trying to fix it and just sat in surrender, the energy became peaceful and light, an ocean to rest in for us both.

When we hugged at the end of the Game – three hours later – a strong feeling of completion came to me – like a cycle was at its end.

The three first hours after I went to bed, the feelings of pain and tensions were bad – I still identified with it . Then : out of nowhere – sleep happened.  I woke up – took the hand of Jesus – and suddenly I knew that the tensions were on their way out: I just had to allow it. The BAD feelings were not  harmful at all – only my identification with them had made them stay.

Now, for each wave of “bad” I knew they were moving – and they were. It felt like waves too.

The Game had loosened my identification to ego/pain/past – once again.

Extra perk: the addiction to  being on Internet has gone today.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pam
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 15:45:50

    I would love to have this game is it still available?


  2. littlesister
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 17:57:47

    Pam, you can buy it from

    here’s a link:

    scroll down 2/3 and you will find it.
    Oh Cory would love this too!


  3. Pam
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 16:55:24

    thanks for the links Nina.


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