the perception of the allmighty ego-fear-as-protector

In the Sedona-sharing yesterday, I was exploring the strong tensions i n the body. An important issue became visible and conscious: a huge encompassing fear part. As I sat with it, it made clear that it was my most central and important “protector” down here. It was all-powerful – or so it presented itself.

I heard myself saying, “This is god-like.”

Ah. It was the ego.

Since then the very “feel” of this all-consuming ego/fear was noticeable. Each time i became aware that I seemed to be a part of that,  and I could forgive my choice for ego, recognizing my need for specialness.

But – it was fading.

After this, I had a dream where I was playing the Game of Transformation again – and i was asked to give away my name. When i thought, yes, i will do that, a huge volt of electricity shook me in the bed, and i woke up.

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  1. zafu
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 17:31:09

    love the snow!!! magical and wonderful!!


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